Is the internet too large?

The internet these days seems to be way larger. Well that’s because it is. From a social perspective it seems quite overwhelming. Smart phones now all have dedicated socially based apps like twitter, instagram, flickr, youtube, Facebook and so on. Everybody can be their own reviewer, reporter or commentator.  

Partial map of the Internet based on the January 15, 2005 data found on Damn this is just from almost 10 years ago now! image: wikimedia

Perhaps it is not so large but overwhelming. It is unclear as to where to expend social energy. Ultimately it seems to come down to what people use the internet for. Do we use it to connect with others? Do we use it just to buy things? to gain social acceptance or value through internet points, likes or friends? The internet is a little bit like the real world in someways. A bit like a digital version of the street. 

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