Poor episode of Doctor Who

Was this the worst episode of Doctor Who? Titled ‘Kill the Moon’ seemed the most bizarre surreal episode ever with a little too much melodrama than usual. I really do hope that this episode gets revisited and re-explained as being some sort of holographic projection that the Doctor or some nefarious alien was running. 

I mean, they are on the Moon and we hear their foot steps the whole time? Spiders on the moon? The yo yo was cool for noticing there was too much gravity but then the reason? Surely the extra gravity would have come from a neutron star materialising inside the moon? but even then, the moon suddenly developing mass without crashing into the Earth and destroying both would be more likely. 

The writers really should have used something like a cyberman theme on the Moon and used the cybermats to add creepy drama.


This promotional image pretty much reflects my reaction to the whole episode: get me out of here now. image: BBC/ wikipedia

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