Re-watching Star Trek TNG

screen capture of series cover. image:

Currently have managed to get through the whole first season of star trek the next generation. (TNG). Watching this via HD streaming on  It is pretty remarkable how well these episodes have been remastered. 

The details of the characters faces, hair is remarkable. It does remind me a bit of watching a live play or theatrical performance. Perhaps in my older age I realise that it is all just sets in a studio of a kind. But the attention to detail really is very good. 

The interior of the Enterprise actually looks a little worn in some scenes, but in a way makes it seem more authentic. Seeing iPad like devices being used as props reminds me how when I first watched it I can’t wait to see if we can have one in the future. Now we have them on a daily basis. 

The first 3 seasons reminds me much more of live stage performances and traditional theatre productions but with some cinematography thrown in for good measure. Best of Both Worlds 1 & 2 were a pleasure to re-watch.2

One curious thing I noticed in one episode (Captian’s Holiday) was that they used a topographic map for part of the holiday planet Risa . Here it is showing mostly South Australia. This was probably an in joke of the special effects team that think of Australia as a nice vacation destination.

Screen capture clearly shows the Enterprise over Australia. image: Paramount pictures

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