Sennheiser MX 3.00 review

Stock image of MX 3.00 in ear headphones

Stock image of MX 3.00

These are in ear canal headphones and so come with the standard issue of this style of headphone, i.e. the constantly loud sound of your internal movements, especially when walking (aka microphonics). But the sound of the cord being bumped is very noticeable, unless the volume of music is up. 

In terms of the actual sound quality they are very good to excellent assuming you are not moving of course and sitting quietly.  They definitely have a sharp sound to them with excellent bass. The listed frequency range is very good at 17Hz -22kHz

Really trying to like them but really they are not good to lie in bed and be moving even slightly.  Is it possible to get used to them? most likely yes but it would definitely take some time. 

Not sure if the case is really very convenient to carry though but it certainly is sturdy and handy  to wrap the cord around. Perhaps not so great for the pocket.

frequency range:17Hz - 21kHz

impedance: 18Ω

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