The nature of

Ok this is a bit of an issue at the moment. I realise that this website is really nothing more than my own personal blog. The whole thing. So it seems having a section called is almost pointless. It should be simply set up in a traditional hierarchy of topics.

at the moment I have sections like

Now the issue is that the photography section is also a bit recursive. The point of that section is essentially to dump photography into it with little to no commentary. So that is fine I think. 

The issue I’m having now is where to put ‘reviews’ like movies or blu rays I have watched.

I do have /news/ but really that is for current news, not that I’m updating that very much at the moment. Most websites don’t even use the category of ‘news’ at all anyway. 

So what is the key? well like with the rearrangement of into lots of sub topics from the top level like or

so perhaps I should do that same with

The other issue is that was originally just an experiment. It is an artsy style place. Was it really meant to be for news? I used to have news on but then I got rid of it and moved it to .

So what should I do with the structure of the site?

updated: well I did a major update to the site anyway. I think it works now...

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