The thing about the internet today

A bit of a ramble...

OK, I think I’ve figured out what has happened to the internet compared with a few years ago. It’s become all too intense and overwhelming. It is just way too commercial, the only things that seem to matter on the internet now take place either on social media, especially Facebook or if you are part of a larger well established brand of some kind. 

It’s no longer about individual websites about certain things or a particular style but about multimillion dollar brands. The web itself is nothing more than a communication tool. But it is about what tool you use to access it. So it is no longer about the novelty of the tool but the one who wields the tool. I suspect that I miss the days of ‘developing’ the tools, being the first to create a website is no longer a value. It is about the content stupid! 

But what about the content? Unless you are an expert, funny or previously well established as a brand, or someone funds you to be a brand then the web is not much different to the real world.

One of the things that bothers me a bit about the web is that we as individuals are not gaining much for putting up their own content on mass websites like Facebook or Instagram. Curiously google seems to be a bit more generous in a way in that if you upload a compelling video to youtube you can get a cut of the ad revenue.  

In a sense posting a pic to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter is really doing unpaid work.  So what should we do? Should we now ‘pay’ Facebook to ‘Boost this post?’ so that it gets better attention? But what is the attention for? Unless your website is going to make sales then really there is no point.  In essence the web is about the social and is a communication tool. All the good content is either from established brands or operators that are well funded. 

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