Too much stuff

There is too much here it seems. On this site there are quite a lot of semi-dead sections. What should I do with them? Part of the issue is that the internet is now too big. It has no novelty except in terms of presentation perhaps. 

Just spent a little time playing around with Squarespace to see how I could replicate this site. It was not easy. I get the idea behind it but I’m not really sure.  May be if I spent more time it would be better. To be fair I think squarespace is really more optimised for one or two topic/themes at a time. 

But it still comes back to the more fundamental issue of trying to reconcile the value of the internet ( social media mostly) and what I am trying to achieve with it. My original site is still valuable in a more broad sense in way but it still requires updating external social media links such as twitter and Facebook. 

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