Canberra Fashion

Photography by Richard Conan-Davies

Canberra fashion is basically about the kinds of fashion people in and around Canberra are wearing, designing or inspired by. 


Canberra fashion is largely influenced by the fashions of Sydney and Melbourne and these are in turn influenced internationally by world fashions as Canberra is the capital of Australia.

Fashion in Canberra is very dominated by the public service conservative styles. But this can often be contrasted with occasional rebelliousness against this producing an avant-garde sense. The Royal Canberra Show Fashions of 2014 perhaps highlights this style most comprehensively.  

Canberra Civic David Jones

Civic is one of the main hubs of fashion in Canberra.

The value and influence of canberra fashion

This includes canberra fashion and style on aspects of the social, cultural economic and even technological influences on the canberra community.

Fashion in Canberra provides employment (casual to permanent) for several hundred people in the related industries. From production to retail.

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