Alien: Covenant review


My initial impression from the first few scenes was not too encouraging. A neutrino event caused all that damage? luckily it was clarified later as a kind of solar storm, but yet again surely there would have been protection for it. Also I’m not sure what the ‘charging’ sails were all about. I think it was meant to give more a symbolic look to the spacecraft as being like a sea going vessel of the first fleets perhaps. 

Luckily the movie did pick up the pace in terms of editing and story telling.  However the film was still a bit flawed by the characters motivations seeming a bit forced with a lack of personality. Similar to Prometheus this was really a story about the synthetic android David with plenty of back references to that movie.  

Many of the characters were somewhat forgettable being simply victims to the Aliens. It would have been more satisfying for more of a firefight although the ending really does beg for another movie to clarify the further role of Xenomorphs in the Aliens universe.  

Visually though the film was excellent with the props and drawings scattered around with stunning sweeping natural vistas.  The sound was very classic Alien which brought a nice sense of familiarity to scenes, even including some old style clicking sounds. Though I’m still not the biggest fan of 3D holographic displays.

There were some pretty silly scenes though such as the flute playing sequences and the Alien xenomorph raising it’s arms to David.  For Alien fans it seemed a bit incredulous that a creepy android invites the captain to ‘take a look at these’ face hugger eggs.

How could this have been improved? Some other reason for having to set down on unknown world or even they arrive at the original planetary destination but soon discover a problem, a bit of a re-imagining of the original Aliens movie. Though this may not make sense with Prometheus. 

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