Battle of the Five Armies review


One of the many posters for the movie provides a collage of many of the main characters.
 image: screenrant

The final instalment of the Hobbit series seemed like a fitting ending. The film overall seemed a confused in terms of pacing. There also seemed to be a lack of explanation for Thorin’s madness other than ‘gold fever’ and how he got out of it. 

The battles themselves seemed somewhat arbitrary.  The only thing I’m trying to figure out is who were the 5 armies. Let see… Orcs, Elves, Humans, Radagast, Eagles & Co, see now I’m struggling… well I better go check imdb… interesting, even there it is not clear. The other army seems to have been Goblins and Wild wolves?OK then. Well I was close, though I didn’t notice the goblins too much.

The one thing I always enjoy though with these films is the scenery. There were some great classic New Zealand shots that just helped make it all a bit more believable.

 The previous Hobbit films I think were a bit more interesting and character driven in comparison. I feel that the whole trilogy could be edited down to a neat 2.5hour movie though. 

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