Blade Runner 2049 trailer 2 review

The overall feel of this trailer keeps to most of the original Bladerunner, at least the city scape and flying cars with the classic synthesiser music track. But there does seem to be something not quite right about the feel of the film. It just seems a bit too long scaled and epic. But it could be that is the point to kind of expand on the Blade Runner universe. So perhaps we should view the film as something quite different both cinematographically and story wise. A film inspired by the Blade Runner universe but something different? 

A screen capture of from the trailer showing a nice consistency of style. image: Warner Bros

Oddly this trailer has a little precise at the beginning too. 

It also occurred to me that the framing of some shots (like the one below) was a bit too symmetrical making the image a bit boring rather than taking advantage of the full aspect ratio. 

Due to premier  5th October 2017 in Australia

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