Blade Runner 2049

The initial scenes were nicely familiar the sound, the cinematography but I think it started to go downhill fairly quickly. 


But just going back to the visuals, it was excellent. Some of the props and scenes were well presented but overall there were too many scene changes and it lacked a sense of consistency overall.  Rain scenes, solar farms all seemed a bit incongruous at times. The Bladerunner 2049 world just didn’t seem real at all, it felt more dreamlike and a fantasy than the original blade runner. 

The use a fully self-aware AI personal assistant semi hologram just didn’t seem to fit well, although I can see the conceptual appeal of the idea. The scene of the prostitute and hologram combining seemed a bit excessive and morally very ambiguous. 

The use of ‘scanning’ was clearly a homage to the original which was nice to see.

Unfortunately, this is really not a classic in any sense due to the lack of consistency and motives. Towards the end the commentary about how important the child is and freedom seemed a bit excessively cliched. 

Watched this on blu-ray, audio DTS 

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