Blu ray of Salt

Some observations and review


Just been watching the blu ray deluxe extended edition (Australia) of Salt [imdb] and it is certainly good value. It includes three different versions: theatrical, directors cut and extended.  The extended cut which I just watched has a rather unexpected ending. So it might be worth watching the theatrical edition first if you haven’t seen it for a while.

The only minor issue I noticed was the a slight jittery image along the top in some early scenes. Some users suggest this may be something as the result of old telecine judder . Not sure if this was just my hi fi set up. 

The sound in DTS was excellent so definitely worth while.

As a film it is technically and cinemtographically excellent, as an action spy film it is truly worthwhile having as part of a collection. Although it is a bit far fetched in some sense. It is still a fun action flick.

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