Conan the Barbarian blu-ray review


This is really such a classic movie. Despite some claiming it as having a kind of 80s feel, I really think it still feels pretty timeless. Yes of course it is set in some fantasy time period called the Hyborian Age which combines a range of different times but this is perhaps the charm of it. 

The classic quotes and icey performance of James Earl Jones really adds the overall grandeur and epic feel for the world created in this film.

The other feature of this film is the music by Basil Poldurious . It is perhaps one of the best epic fantasy pieces of music written.  It is as iconic as the sound track for the Lord of the Rings.

On the blu-ray there are a raft of old vintage stock footage of Arnold talking about the film. Perhaps the most charming was the interview with the actor who played Conan’s sword master. 

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