Die Hard blu-ray review


The most surprising thing about this disc was when I inserted it into my Panasonic blu-ray player is that it started the movie straight away. No warnings no start up menu. I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie itself still holds up even today with excellent action sequences with a nice feel of authenticity. Perhaps this is because this is where the modern action movie genre comes from. In this case, an action hero John McCLane (Bruce Willis) that is flawed, can be injured and struggles against both terror and bureaucracy. 

Alan Rickman as Han Gruber was the classic accent changing villain. Even though when you watch this many years later it still comes across as being a bit unbelievable yet still enjoyable in a roller coaster ride sense.

A minor thing I noticed that the audio of the initial  conversations in the Nakatomi building seemed to have slightly higher pitch/register. The sound of gunfire later in the movie certainly made up for it though.

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