Ghostbusters (2016) review


This pretty much missed the mark in comedic timing. It may have also been the editing and the lack of the iconic bits of incidental music. Some of the performances of characters seemed almost too serious at times. Though my favourite ghostbuster was Holzmann, who I think got the comedic flair right.  Overall the balance wasn’t quite right. 

Curiously the best parts of the movie came near the end, in fact the entire end credits with the dancing military led by Hemsworth was pretty good. The various cameo appearances from the various original movie characters was worth it too.  

I didn’t really think the use of popular media references worked particularly well, like the reddit and youtube references didn’t seem plausible. In someways I think it would have worked better to make an attempt at replicating an 80s feel because how do you present the concept of ghosts in our current age of computer graphics? 

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