Gods of Egypt


This is not the most sophisticated movie but seems more like a modern interpretation of the old classic of Clash of the Titans but attempting to consider Egyptian mythology rather than Greek. Could it be done better? no doubt but it clearly is aimed at a particular style. It did have a feel of it being more a young teen movie.

 Some of the visual effects were not well refined perhaps they used a dodgy physics engine (for a rope swing scene).  It also had the feel of computer game in many parts.  One thing that was quite good was the decent explanation of the world/universe.  A literal interpretation of a flat disc world was quite good. In a sense this was a just a computer visualisation of elements of ancient Egyptian mythology such as Ra vs Apep ( in the  movie named Apophis. Not sure about the gold blood but that seemed quite an effective difference between the mortals and non mortals. 

imdb reference

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