Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 review


Visually overwhelming is my initial feeling about this movie. The sound track was pretty classic though. Essentially this felt more like a video game. Well that is kind of literally how it was filmed with lots of old 80s video game references in it including those classic sounds of zapping lasers. It would have been a great ending to zoom out and realise the whole thing was all happening on a classic pinball machine. 

One little thing I did appreciate was the reference to the concept of a Boltzmann brain as being the nemesis of the GoG universe. Kurt Russell really was a great choice for this role shifting from being friendly to psychotic rather quickly. Karen Gillian as Nebula was almost unrecognisable with her make up and super posh English accent.

Of course Baby Groot was clearly a major star in this movie making it appealing to a younger audience. 

But I have to admit this style of movie might not be too appealing to me personally

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