This is my collection of movie reviews, impressions and commentary, either watching the movie at the cinema , download or on blu-ray. 

Note: yes there may be spoilers in some reviews, so it’s probably not a good idea to read these if you want a genuine surprise.

Mountain review


This movie, documentary, classical music montage, philosophical essay about mountains was pretty spectacular and nerve …

Star Wars: The Last Jedi review


Visually spectacular but a bit messy story and cinematographically. This didn’t really have a clear beginning, middle …

The shape of water review


Started off seeming very similar to Amelie (The use of a french accordion sealed that). Amelie meets the creature from …

Thor Ragnarok


Some quick thoughts...

This is was actually pretty fun. It did border very close to being too silly but it always managed …

Justice league review


Well that was a bit of a mess. It just seemed the editing was all over the place but may be it is just the style I’m still …

Blade Runner 2049


The initial scenes were nicely familiar the sound, the cinematography but I think it started to go downhill fairly quickly. 

Valerian and the city of a thousand planets review


Some impressions

This film had good potential but went a bit overboard. Visually it was quite stunning although a bit overwhelming …

Kingsman: the golden circle


Wasn’t quite as good as the first Kingsman. It was a bit derivative. There were some clever ideas but I think this would …

X-Men 2 blu-ray review


quick impressions

Beginning with a single mutant attack in the White House it soon turns to Wolverine trying to discover …

Die Hard blu-ray review


The most surprising thing about this disc was when I inserted it into my Panasonic blu-ray player is that it started the …

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