James Bond: Spectre Review

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The pose almost represent a bit how I feel about the movie.

The initial feeling just after watching this was that it just wasn’t quite as strong overall. There were a few good sequences but the sort of extra vague reasoning of ‘rogue’ spy didn’t seem to sit particularly well. 

The initial scene was quite fun but it did seem a bit excessive to engage in fighting a helicopter pilot over a huge crowd.  It also seemed pretty unbelievable that Blofeld wouldn’t be aware of Bond’s watch being a potential gadget given the stated long history they had to each other.

Using the same actor as Moriaty from Sherlock also kind of gave away the character of C. The editing and pacing seemed a bit confusing especially what happened to one of the women Bond seduced, the one who Bond killed the husband of, just kind of vanished as part of the story. I may have to hire this again and watch more carefully. But overall I think it could have been a bit better. Perhaps it was trying to be a bit too ambitious.

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