Jason Bourne review


Relentless is the word I would describe this. Perhaps I need to go back to the original Bourne Identity movie but this instalment just seemed to have way too much shaky cam. The ‘hacking’ theme etc didn’t seem to gel particularly well and the allusions to Facebook seemed to feel unrealistic at best.  

The flash back sequences going back to Bourne’s recruitment days worked fairly well though and perhaps that’s what should have been focused on more. The casting of Tommy Lee Jones in the initial trailers seemed to not be quite right due to his notierity in other films like Men in Black, The Fugitive, No Country for Old Men but the reasoning in Bourne seems to be on target at least. The thing about the first Bourne movie was that the government agents were not know actors and added to the sense of authenticity of the series.  I think I need to revisit the first films again to compare this more fairly. But overall my impression was not that positive. 

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