John Wick Chapter Two review


Following on somewhat from John Wick, this started in a somewhat convoluted way but luckily gets a bit clarified as it goes along. The expected shooting was pretty relentless but seemed to lack the novelty and finesse of choreography of the first John Wick. Again they repeated the theme of dance party for some shooting sequences but this time in Rome. It did have a more European feel overall.

Guest appearance by Laurence Fishburne certainly reminded everyone of the Matrix and I’m pretty sure there was some subtle Matrix dialogue reference, although nothing obvious or direct. My own cross-over speculation is that this John Wick character/universe may be just a program from the Matrix that Neo uses when he  downloads the program to ‘learn’ to shoot. 

It was good to see a strong female protagonist (played by Ruby Rose) who appeared to be deaf and used mostly sign language, though it was not certain that was the case with those stylised subtitles. 

There was an odd retro 1950s feel in part as a way of showing how the various gangsters used old style telephone systems and old computers to transfer money and communications. 

Clearly the ending implied a John Wick Chapter Three.

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