John Wick review

Well that was a somewhat crazy shooting fest of a film. Not really sure how good this is. It starts of quite seriously but then starts to become somewhat relentless with a dry sense of humour with the characters on the one hand fighting for life and yet somewhat resigned to their ultimate demise via the boogeyman.  

Strings of double crossing of gangster pervade throughout . At least though the film was quite tightly edited keeping a nice pace throughout.  But this leaves little to no room for much development of the characters. It took good advantage of the NY dance club setting and hotel culture to highlight the sense of power and entitlement the gangsters exist in.  

Not that this film is about complex characters, but for a gangster film it did give a bit of insight into the ruthlessness and pointlessness of the violence alluded to when a pair of body guards are playing computer games. 

Keanu Reeves did remind me of the kind of cool calm character that he usually plays. It may have been something that he was playing in the Matrix something that Neo uploaded for entertainment or training. 

Watched this as iTunes 1080p download and was a little concern at the beginning about some of image quality but then realised that it was actually the way the cinematography was done.  It seemed like a bit of unusual lens flair.

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