Jurassic park blu ray review


Blu-ray cover of Jurassic park

This is such a classic film it really still holds up even today. It was surprisingly, genuinely frightening watching this in high definition for the first time, so much more detail to observe. Lots of awkward well filmed falling and crushing scenarios. I had seen it in the cinemas years ago in 1994 but don’t think I fully appreciated the details.  

The pacing and the character development was really solid. Dare say it is far better than Jurassic World. There was a bit of film grain noticeable but that is understandable but it never lasted long enough to be distracting.

It was also great seeing the old computer technology and the exclamations of “I know this it’s UNIX” If you haven’t seen this for a while then it’s worthwhile checking it out again. Also the sudden realisation that Samuel L. Jackson was a fun surprise.

Technical detail: watched on Blu ray , obviously, but was reminded again of the sound advantages to having DTS being much more robust than the downloaded version of Dolby 5.1

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