Jurassic World Review


One of the various poster for the movie. image: Universal Pictures 

This was overall a bit of a disappointment. Set 20 years after Jurassic park I found the film to be poorly written and with mostly unlikeable or annoying characters. The beginning scenes didn’t really set up an engaging scenario. 

 In many cases the dinosaura had far more character and acting skills than the humans; perhaps this was done on purpose? The larger scale effects were obviously impressive though some sequence just seemed too contrived. 

Needs editing help

The overall editing and scene changing seemed to lack a proper sense of  timing or pacing resulting in a lack of tension or build up. 

The setting? it just seemed silly to me. It just seemed implausible they would set up such a disaster. Could this have been set much further into the future perhaps? I feel there was no proper explanation within film as to why the park was rebuilt. In some ways it should have just been a reboot without any reference to the first film. I just don’t know how this could have been better set really.

Perhaps I had too high expectations of this. 

Watched this at ANU FG

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