Justice league review


Well that was a bit of a mess. It just seemed the editing was all over the place but may be it is just the style I’m still not appreciating. I just felt this tried to put way too much in. I almost think this could have been 2 movies to explore the characters a bit further.

 Visually it was really good, although some say the CGI was not as good as it could have been. 

I just checked the aspect ratio and it seems it was closer to 16:9 than the usual format and that seemed to have shown. I’m just going back to compare with Batman V Superman ( watching via AppleTV movie rental) and the cinematography just looks much better in that movie compared with Justice League. Also it was useful to be reminded about how Superman was killed. 

Coming back to Justice league, it really did seem to have some issues as other have pointed out (for example a lack of a compelling nemesis). Do I need to rewatch it? I’m not sure. I think overall the film was saved mostly by Wonder Woman and The Flash, but that may be because those characters have been previously explored. 

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