Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tell no Tales review


This was pretty dark, literally. Yes there was some level of humour but it wasn’t quite as good as the first 2 in the series. 

The special effects in this case seemed a bit too excessive with the use of more a ghost style as if still underwater flowing around. It was clever but not as creepy as Davey Jones tentacle character. 

Also the sound mixing didn’t seem quite a good. The lack of the classic tune being forefront seemed to diminish the fun feel somewhat.  

The ending seemed to wrap up the previous characters from the other movies in the series which was cute.

The use of a scientist, yay for a female scientist though,  although highly commendable didn’t seem to mesh well with the well known supernatural elements. The female witch character didn’t work as well and should have been reversed, why not make her the good witch instead?

This was not ideal but still had a few fun moments such the literal bank heist.

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