Prometheus review


The beginning sequence is quite mesmerising with stunning scenery but as the movie progresses it is rather confused. Although it is sometimes considered a prequel to Alien however, I don’t think it is quite. 

Clearly the star of this is Michael Fassbender as the Android David. Yes there is  strong female lead from Charlize Theron as Vickers but her role didn’t seem to evolve much in comparison to Sigourney Weavers role in other Alien related films. 

Many of the visuals were stunning such as the giant dust storm looming down.  Though I wasn’t a big fan of the Prometheus starship design. The excessive number of characters and twists that really didn’t add too much to the story of ultra rich scientist sending people on a mission to discover the meaning of existence didn’t pan out very well.

Even watching the cut scenes in the blu ray revealed that the writers were also mildly confused about how to approach the story line. In conclusion: great visuals and sound but flawed by confused try hard story and characters. 

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