Snowpiercer review

Some initial thoughts and impressions

Well that was a pretty weird movie. Not sure if it is just steampunk fantasy or science fiction. The whole feel of the movie was very dream like. But representing a whole society on perpetually running train engine?  What maintains the rail infrastructure? it all just seemed too magical and arbitrary. 

Because I’m more science fiction fan I think the whole idea of the film could have been far better represented on board a spaceship that orbits a frozen Earth. Perhaps something like the movie Elysium. 

Overall the film just seemed a bit too jarring going from train carriage society to train carriage society. Can’t really recommend it as a sic-fi or fantasy film. It just didn’t progress well and seemed a bit cliché’d and it barely seemed serious despite the tragedy of the characters. 

Tech notes: 

Watched this as an iTunes rental via AppleTV and the new TvOS now supports homesharing!

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