Star Wars: The Force Awakens review

This was actually pretty good for the most part. The real stars of the movie of course were Rey and BB-8. It really was a well constructed reboot of classic Star Wars saga and certainly kept true to form. 


The theatrical poster

The cinematography was excellent especially the compositing of the crashed star destroyer in the desert that really gave an excellent sense of scale.  The film certainly left a large number of open questions about the characters but that probably is a good thing for further movies. 

The initial scenes did seem a little reminiscent of the begin scenes of the terminator movies with the use of darkness and drop ships with search lights running through a village. 

Watched this at ANUfg and they even had a few storm troopers at the opening while we waited for the film to start which added to the fun. 

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Storm Troopers at ANUfg screening of the Force Awakens. image: R.Conan-Davies

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