Suicide squad review


This had an interesting premise but it didn’t seem to be very well edited. Perhaps it was trying to put too much into one movie? It kind of felt like a series of trailers all stuck together. The last battle scene really seemed oddly reminiscent of Ghost Busters in many ways but with some extra cringe which made the audience actually laugh out loud even though it wasn’t that funny, it was just corny. 

D.C movies seem to have a bad reputation but apparently the extended versions help explain things a bit further; this may be the case here too. In terms of the pure cinematography and special effects for Suicide Squad it was pretty good but at times a bit inconsistent with some competing technology ( e.g. a normal explosive is able to stop a magical explosion?). I felt the Diablo character really seemed the most appropriate to take on the sorceress though. Bringing in some apparently random characters just seemed a bit rushed to me. 

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