The Bourne Identity review

It has been so long since I’ve seen this movie, first released in 2002 I thought I would have a fresh look at it on blu ray as part of the Bourne Classified Collection. 


It certainly has a 2001 feel to it in terms of pacing ( which jumped quite a bit but was still quite effective) , cinematography and technology. Luckily I barely remembered many scenes other than perhaps the first 20 minutes so the sense of for boding and tension still remained.  

Franke Potente provided a solid and believable performance holding her own under the extremes of Bourne’s complex life. The supporting roles of managers of the agencies presented in an authentic yet highly volatile way in order to highlight the drama and add a sense of urgency that makes the film a classic.

 The blu-ray with DTS (dolby true sound) really had excellent sound dynamic range too; perhaps better than an iTunes download.

Imdb reference

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