The Fifth Element Blu ray review


Blu-ray cover for The Fifth Element

Finally got around to watching the blu-ray of Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. It’s really curious re-watching this film because some of the slightly more subtle characterisations of the social attitudes seem to show up more for me. 

It’s almost as if the future is interpreted as the being the time it was filmed, which I guess is normal. But the whole cigarette smoking theme seemed unusually strong along with a slightly weaker female character in Li Lu from what I remember years ago.  

Having watched Luc Besson’s Lucy it gives a bit of insight into Besson’s style. Both these movies are thematically rather similar in a sense. 

Of course The Fifth element is still a visual, artistic, design master piece of set in space fantasy setting.  


Just watched a few of the ‘extras’ including a Bruce Willis interview and Milla Jovavich. Milla was delightful they way she described her audition story though.  Bruce explained the concept of the director Luc Besson as a great story teller. 

The alien design was also really interesting to get an insight into too.

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