The Revenant review


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Well that was relentless. The overall sense of intensity was certainly well conveyed. It did have a rather surreal feel to the movie though yet it still had a intense rawness to the brutality of both nature and humanity. 

It is clearly an oscar style movie that was very even handed in the portrayals of various faction from the Native Americans, French and Americans. It did seem to be almost a two part film with the initial survival part and the second revenge part. 

There was a bit of discontinuity of a scene in which there was an obvious thaw and then later on it went back into deep winter. 

Also it seemed like Glass (DiCaprio) recovered pretty fast too for what seemed like he was struggling for weeks. The natural scenery though was spectacular so that kind made the film quite enjoyable. In terms of realism, interestingly there was a report years ago that people can survive traumatic injuries blood loss etc better in the cold. I think it was reported from the Falkland War back in the 80s. 

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