The Terminator review


Cover of the blu ray edition

Classic movie no doubt. It was a lot darker and grittier than I remembered. The quality of the transferred to digital was excellent with almost no film grain. Some scenes were reminiscent of other 80s movies such as Highlander, particularly the chase through the underground car park.  I don’t think I remembered the very end of the movie where Sarah Connor ends up in Mexico pregnant.  

Which brings me almost immediately to terminator 2, how did she end up in psych hospital? Now having watched T2 John mentions that she got caught trying to blow up a factory. But which one?  Curiously this blu-ray actually started up immediately without having to go through a start menu, unless I missed it.  When I read the main actors coming up it was so classic 80s science fiction Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, for a moment it looked like the start of Aliens.  

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