Underworld review


This is perhaps my second or third watching of this movie, initially watch this originally back in at ANUfg and recalled how loud it was. It still is a classic of this style of vampire werewolf horror. The colourisation was very similar to the Matrix but with blue rather than the green.  

The casting was great, Kate Beckinsale is not hard on the eyes but the casting of Bill Nighy really added a surprising level of dignity to the mythos of this world. 

The setting of the ‘real modern world’ contrasting with ancient Vampire world worked very well allowing the audience a connection and sense of authenticity of complex background reality. 

Watched this on blu-ray as part of the Quadrilogy, was a little bit surprised that sound was presented in Dolby 5.1 rather than DTS.

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note: these are more impressions that formal reviews.

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