Valerian and the city of a thousand planets review

Some impressions


This film had good potential but went a bit overboard. Visually it was quite stunning although a bit overwhelming at times. Some conceptual stuff didn’t seem necessary such as the alternative dimension view a chase and fighting scene. 

The main actor Dane DeHaan who played Valerian had a voice that was so eerily similar to the tone and cadence of a young Keanu Reeves that it seemed distracting. 

There were some elements that seemed like Jupiter Ascending and certainly there was a classic city scene scene similar to the original Luc Besson Fifth Element.  It was really on the second half of the film that seemed strong. The starting scenes and aliens on a beach just seemed too abstract and fantastical.  

This could have been a nice Besson style sci-fi movie but it is somewhat flawed. In retrospect it made Lucy a better film (ignoring the brain capacity issue)

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