Warcraft: The beginning


Not being really familiar with the computer game this was a somewhat confusing and bizarre as a film. Curiously though, the main orcs at the beginning seemed to have far more character  and humanity than the humans did. I wonder if this was on purpose though. 

Some scenes did really seem to pay more homage to the computer game to some extent. Though to be fair I haven’t seen much actual computer gameplay of Warcraft.

 I think it could have been a better film cinematically, it could have presented in a more fantasy epic like LOTR in someway. Some of the effects seemed to a bit over down, e.g. the blue plasma magic effects. The dwarves also could have had more presence too. Also having a wizard character going from being a bit bumbling to saviour as such a young character didn’t seem to gel with my preconceptions of that style of character. 

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