Apple car rumours

There has been lots of speculation about Apple getting involved in the self-driving car industry. The way some headlines put it make it sound like Apple will produce a fully functional self-driving vehicle by 2020. May be may be not.  Well since Google has been doing they google car for many years it seems like Apple wants in on that action. 

The biggest issue I have with this is that cars in most western industrialised countries there is currently so little vehicle automation already. There are barely any purely electric vehicles. The most automation is some cars is cruise control, which has been around since around the mid 90s as standard feature. The next level from that would be radar assisted cruise control which is currently only available on higher end options for cars. I think there is some sort of lane guidance too. 

After thinking about this over the weekend it would seem that a full on self-driving car is unlikely but an Apple electric car seems a bit more plausible, perhaps in the vein of Tesla cars. In fact I read a speculation that Apple could just buy Tesla in a few years.  Though that seems unnecessary since Tesla has essentially released all its patents for other to use.  

It all seems to be well within the bounds of what Apple could do and their interests. I guess it just surprised most people thinking about a computer company making car. We kind of understood google doing it because they are all about maps, but Apple seemed less focused on that. May be technology has got to a point that a car is more computer and personal experience than in the past. Apple is about the user experiences and user interfaces and combining this with software.


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