Apple watch pricing details

Apple has finally announced the pricing details of the Apple designed watches.

There are three tiers:

This style costs around $1,500

  • Apple Watch Sport ($A499-
  • Apple Watch ($799- $1,629)
  • Watch Edition ($14,000- $24,000)

They all have the same overall design. The main differentiating factor is the style of band and the  alloys (Aluminium , Steel to 18K gold alloy) and screen surface coating (Ion-X glass to sapphire).


 is quoted at "Up to 18 hours of battery life”. 


Seems to be a bit steep for the entry level models. The more dignified models with steel bands are close to $1,500. So this might be a tough sell to people. 

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. 


Apple should have perhaps gone into the fitness band market with a lower price entry

For high tier pricing Edition version I think they should have co-branded with a known watch maker. 

What do people want to use this for? 

A notification system, not having to dig out a phone from a tight pocket or bag to receive a call or message, FB notification.

Pre-ordering: 10th April 2015

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