Apple watch reviews

A few days away from preordering begins (10th April 5:01pm)  there have been lots of reviews coming in about the Apple Watch. 

A typical watch face of the Apple Watch stainless steel model 38mm.

The Verge review (includes youtube videos too) seems to have somewhat negative tone but seems fair.

There is also a detailed review from mashable too which has a slightly more positive tone.

Macrumors has a good list of reviews and compiled thoughts from various reviewers too with an emphasis on battery life. Which is generally pretty good typically lasting a working day. 

A couple of reminders about the Apple Watch from this seems to be:

  • It is a fitness tracker (via heart rate and motion sensors)
  • It is a alternative notification system (handy if you have your phone near you but hard to reach in a bag or stuck in your jeans pocket)
  • But when setting it up, turn off all but the most important notifications for you.
  • It is a watch with an intriguing graphic interface with lots of attention to horological details
  • It requires an iPhone for many daily functions.
  • Battery life can be extended through reserve power mode.

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