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Why an Apple news page? What about android,  or other consumer electronics news? Well Apple does have a reputation for  fusing art/design and computing.  But may be I will add a new section sometime.

New MacBook Pros announced

Some initial impressions/thoughts

So it’s been a few days since the announcement of the new MacBook Pros. The overall impression …

People complaining about Apple Inc


Don’t often update this section possibly for the reasons people mention in various articles online. see macrumors article Apple …

iPad Pro thoughts



So the usual Apple iPhone S model upgrade has been announced which was expected. But perhaps the more interesting …

Macbook 12 inch thoughts

The new Macbook at 12inches is a little controversial for the features it lacks, especially only having a single port for data …

Apple watch reviews

A few days away from preordering begins (10th April 5:01pm)  there have been lots of reviews coming in about the Apple Watch. 

Apple watch pricing details

Apple has finally announced the pricing details of the Apple designed watches.

There are three tiers:

  • Apple Watch Sport ($A499-

Apple car rumours

There has been lots of speculation about Apple getting involved in the self-driving car industry. The way some headlines put …

12 inch ipad speculations


So there still seems to be rumours and speculations about an iPad which is larger. A so called iPad Pro, iPad Air plus or something …

Apple releases 5K iMac


Perhaps the most surprising and interesting release of new technology from Apple last week was the 5K iMac. This is a new threshold …

New Apple hardware to be released


This seems to be a bit of a theme here in this technology news section. Stuff about Apple. Well anyway new Mac computer stuff …

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