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So the usual Apple iPhone S model upgrade has been announced which was expected. But perhaps the more interesting thing is the iPad Pro. This is certainly a larger device with an 12.9 inches (32.76cm) diagonal display  with 2732-by-2048 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi). weighing 713 grams.


Comparison of Apple iPad sizes. image: Apple.com

Official Apple tech specs

New Apple Pencil

In addition there is an optional Apple Pencil which curiously is not integrated into the iPad pro. Was expecting a little slot built in. It seems likely that third parties are going to create some kind of side clip. 

Apple Pencil: image: apple.com

It has an end cap with a lightning adapter to charge the device. Could this cap get lost easily?

Lightning charger for apple pencil. image: apple.com

It seems that the Apple pencil is really marketed towards creative drawing than anything else. At this stage it seems to only work for iPad Pro. It seems likely that other future iPads will get the screen technology to use this pencil.

Apple details of Pencil

There is also a Apple designed keyboard that can be connected.

How it might be used?

But it is mildly disappointing that this scale of device can’t run the standard OS X. Although to be fair if you want OS X just get the latest 12 inch MacBook which includes a keyboard. In principle you could connect a wacom tablet and you get a similar device.  

May be for a technical creative type, such as an illustrator a combo of a 12inch MacBook and iPad Pro would work too. 

But until we can play with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in an Apple store it is too soon to really say.

Officially Available in November sometime, though realistically probably not readily available until December or January 2016.

Macrumors has a good collection of other first impressions of the iPad Pro. One comment from one of the reviewers that really stood out was that the iPad Pro really is more of content production device. It most likely really will be competing with wacom tablets. The Apple Pencil got a good review for being responsive. Is there really a lot of lag in wacom tablets stylus? I don’t know but I’m tempted to check it out. 

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