iPhone 6 plus bendy and iOS 8.01

So yeah the only thing to mention here is that this week has been about a reported incident of a iPhone 6 plus bending under some rigorous pressures while in a persons pocket. This led to a video blogger bending an iPhone 6 plus with his bear hands. 

iOS 8.01 seemed to have caused a failure in iPhone 6 models causing cellular radian failures and touch ID not working. 

Apple fixed the iOS to 8.02 within about 24 hours and seems pretty much resolved but punters on macrumors are a bit shy about upgrading. 


The bending issue seems to be pretty isolated so far, either the user was too heavy handed or it is even possible that there was a minor alloy failure. 

iOS updates generally should not be updated right away, its fairly typical to wait about a week or even 2 weeks before updating. Of course that was not really an option if you got the latest iPhone 6. 

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