New Apple hardware to be released

This seems to be a bit of a theme here in this technology news section. Stuff about Apple. Well anyway new Mac computer stuff is most likely to be revealed on the 16th of October (17th Australian time). It seems so easy to present/report this stuff though. Apple even provides a a simple, minimalistic invite to their events.


Apple invitation logo. image:

Let’s speculate on what might be released:

  • New iPads with souped up processors
  • New iMac with a retina display ( 27 inch or both 21 and 27inch models)
  • New iPods ( may be a rebranded iPod classic but with a high capacity flash drive for audiophiles with lossless data)
  • New Apple TV with ability to run iOS applications via the phone
  • New MacMini ( a mini doughnut shape?) with a dedicated graphics processor?

It seems likely some of these items will be not available immediately but we can dream.

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