New MacBook Pros announced

Some initial impressions/thoughts

So it’s been a few days since the announcement of the new MacBook Pros. The overall impression from forums and some of the press is not that great. Certainly there are some novel new features such as a dynamic touch bar display instead of the top function keys at the top and the usual shaving of thickness/weight (around 17%). 

But RAM still tops out at 16GB which some claim is not really quite enough even though more might cause a drop in battery life. Though it is often unclear how many people routinely run their macbook pros at home not connected to power. Could apple dynamically allow more or less RAM when connected to power? perhaps in the next iteration.

Storage limitation issues and options

A nice option, albeit very expensive for most prosumers, is the increase in storage up to 2TB SSD . It’s expensive mostly because the technology is relatively rare. It may be the first time such technology is routinely available in this form factor at such a large capacity, which also means it is much faster than any traditional drive.  But this kind of begs the question of why Apple is going down the path of not having high amounts of internal storage at affordable prices. The issue is the iTunes Library. Where should or where does Apple want us to keep all our music and especially HD video/movies/tv? If you want to keep your HD videos (independent of an internet connection) at this rate you need to have them on an external drive. This means keeping your iTunes library almost exclusively on an external drive. This seems to be evidence that Apple really is trying to emphasise it’s Cloud services to  improve options.  There is no Apple device except for the MacMini that offers a reasonably priced internal 2TB option. But there is no easy screen access, though you can plug it into almost any HDMI based TV screen. 

But other than these issues this MacBook Pro looks pretty good overall, despite a lot of online complaints about this and that. Perhaps Apple could have been a bit more generous to include a few USB-C to USB 2 converters in the box to help ease the pain of connecting our external HD Time Machine back ups. 

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