People complaining about Apple Inc

Don’t often update this section possibly for the reasons people mention in various articles online. see macrumors article Apple CEO Tim Cook Teases 'Great Innovation' in Product Pipeline on CNBC's Mad Money, see also Appleinsider: Apple stock posts longest losing streak in 18 years


Very basically Apple Inc stock price has dropped continuously for the longest time for something like 18 years.  

The main complaint it seems is that the Mac has been largely abandoned in terms of meaningful updates. People even complain about the end of the S cycle updates for phones. One commenter observed that the Apple style seems to have borrowed a bit too much from Samsung too and liking the feel of the new but retro designed iPhoneSE. 

It does seem possible given this high profile stock price drop that Apple might bring a few things forward a little bit. The main thing would be updated and possibly slightly redesigned MacBook Pro, though the general consensus is it won’t get a look in until the Apple WWDC.

But on a general perspective could it be that the market for things like smart phones has saturated? Will the consumer growth of India really help? May be what is happening to Apple stock is more of correction to their price.  What more can a phone do? Would an Apple Car make any sense? 

It’s always hard to make any predictions but Apple will keep chugging along despite all this negativity. May be the public or tech savvy people just have too high expectations of tech advances.  Apple has a history of just doing things in its own time anyway. 

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