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Luc Besson was doing an AMA (Ask me anything) on reddit mostly likely partly due to his recent movie Lucy. Helped a long by his daughter he answered a range of interesting questions. There was definitely an admiration of his film the Fifth Element and Léon (aka The Professional). 


He answered an important question about the ‘we only use 5-10% capacity of our brain too.


user CacheUpTheYinYang asked

How do you feel about people getting upset over the "10% of their brain" logic you use in Lucy?

sleliab[S]  (Luc Besson) answered with

In the movie a student asked to Morgan Freeman "Is it proved scientifically?" Freeman answered "No, it's an old theory and we're playing with it." So i never hid the truth. Now I think some people believed in the film, and were disappointed to learn after that the theory was inexact. But hey guys Superman doesn't fly, Spiderman was never bitten by a spider, and in general every bullet shot in a movie is fake. Now are we using our brain to our maximum capacity? No. We still have progress to do. The real theory is that we use 15% of our neurons at the same time, and we never use 100%. That was too complicated to explain, i just made it more simple to understand for the movie.


The whole argument about we only use 10% seems a bit spurious for a movie. Neuroscientists argue that we do use all parts of our brain, there are lots of different parts of the brain that constantly need to be maintained for example, memories being formed etc. It is roughly using 25% of energy intake per day for example. 

The point of this discussion in a science fiction movie I think is that it is just some aspect of our brain that is not utilised. Think of it this way: The speculative fiction idea is that there is some hidden part of the brain that we don’t access. The character Lucy, through some mechanism gives her this extra brain ability, that super charges her thinking abilities etc. One could speculate that it is accessing some other parallel dimensionality within the brain that gives her super human powers. 

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