Astronomy news

NASA creates old style travel posters for exoplanets

Kepler 186f 39x27 smaller

NASA has created a series of posters reminiscent of 1930s or art deco style travel posters for exoplanets. …

Remastered images of the icy moon Europa


NASA/JPL has remastered early 1990s images of the the Jupiter moon Europa taken by the Galileo spacecraft.

Philae lands on comet


As as been widely reported already, the mini space lander Philae has landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. …

More stars are wanderers


It seems like there are more stars wandering around the universe somewhat aimlessly than we ever realised.  …

Stunning pics of Earth from space


Here is a collection of stunning pics taken by Commander Chris Hadfield while on board the International …

A new view of super galactic structures


The universe is big really big. So if you are trying to figure out where you are, it’s going to be a …

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