Aviation news

This news deals with mostly aircraft. The term aerospace does deal with low earth orbits technically. May be it should be aviation instead!

‘Jet pack’ being commercialised


A jet pack, or rather a twin fan engined personal vehicle is being floated on the Australian stock exchange. Specs include:

  • 200 horsepower engines
  • 30 …

The future of aviation


The BBC provides a nice overview of the future of aviation. Some things include new materials and single crystal alloys allowing for high temperatures. …

First Airbus A350 XWB to be delivered


Qatar Airways,will get the first delivery of of the A350 XWB. If you’re wondering what XWB means? well it just means "extra wide body.”. There are a …

A380s less popular for airlines


The largest passenger plane, the A380, though popular with the public is less so with airline business managers, especially in terms of ordering new …

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner does some stunts

Want to see some spectacular aerobatics of a big airline? Just some structural testing it would seem. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is well known for …

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